Photo essay of chinatown

Walk it trough the end, then take the steps down to the street, turn degrees, walk for a few meters and you will see the alley starts on your left side.

Photo Essay: Singapore

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Photo Essay: Exploring Chinatown in George Town, Penang

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You can also step down from the overhead walkway as soon as you have passed Ratchawithi Road, then pass through the night market and take the small bridge over the canal.

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I hopped on a bus and was the only non-Chinese person aboard. Each cart carried a duo of tourists looking slightly embarrassed but cheerful non the less.

Exploring Chinatown in George Town, Penang Malaysia as a whole country is interesting due to its mix of different cultures and religions, but there are few better examples of this than the city of George Town on the island of Penang.

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I look forward to more new experiences through my stay in Paris. Your first observation is probably the cliental occupying the seats. Daily 5 pm — 1 am Address:. Photo Essay: Everyday Life in Century Honolulu - Honolulu Magazine - November - Hawaii.

Find this Pin and more on Vintage Hawaii by Botsy Uprichard. Welcome to the a decade of sideburns and letting it all hang out. I was in Chinatown for work and decided to have lunch. Living in Alhambra around some of the best Chinese food around, I usually avoid eating Chinese food anywhere else but I was hungry.

Revitalization For Whom? Exploring Vancouver’s Chinatown

There is a nearby parking structure and the restaurant was clean with plenty of seating.3/ Yelp reviews. Our pals at Nomad Is Beautiful run a monthly thematic photo essay featuring images of people performing an activity. Left: Buddha statue vendor in Chinatown.

Right: Flea market vendor on Sukhumvit Road. Both in Bangkok, Thailand. Si Lom Road, Bangkok, Thailand. Every day of the year, Chinatown is a veritable movable feast for the senses, a vibrant center of commerce, tourism, culture and community.

Chinatown Business are generally opened Daily between 10am-6pm. For holiday hours or specific inquiries, please contact the businesses directly. Malacca’s Beautiful Chinatown: A Photo Essay While most westerners have heard of Singapore, Hong Kong, and maybe even Penang and Macau, very few have heard of Malacca (also spelled Melaka).

However, that doesn’t mean that it was any less important to trade in Asia. Bangkok: walking through Chinatown. Bangkok’s Chinatown is huge! I had no idea and it really is a Chinatown and not just a tourist driven area, it is a working, eating and shopping venue filled with interesting specialty foods, unusual trinkets and gift items and fun places to explore or just get lost.

Photo essay of chinatown
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